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Morphosis by Aj Saxsma

*Warnings* Disturbing; Highly stylized "It may be early in the year, but I have a good feeling AJ has just delivered one of my favorite horror books of 2023!" - "That ending--perfection!" - Kirkus Can growth and tolerance be found in a town shrouded in fear and stagnation? Dwayne, his romantic partner Ollie, and Ollie's young children, Sam and Jodi Lee, flee to a rural farm outside small-town Larton for a fresh start. Dwayne craves acceptance and yearns for togetherness, for family in a place rife with old, narrow views. Ollie is bright-eyed and positive, the anchor of the family, and takes employment with the local Sheriff's Department. Hope soon emerges and a better life feels within reach. But the family's pursuit of routine faces hurdles as Dwayne battles his chronic illness and bigotry while struggling to win over Ollie's children. Stability further crumbles when a serial killer, known as The Visitor, begins preying on local teens, plunging Larton into frenzy and drawing Ollie's intense focus as the Sheriff's newest recruit, hoping to make a name for himself. As Ollie's obsessive, prolonged absences consume the family and the children's exhaustive demands and ignorance intensify, Dwayne grapples with unraveling familial ties while fighting to break free from haunting cycles of past trauma, lest he succumb to his self-destructive patterns threatening to repeat themselves. Saxsma's haunting narrative delves into the human experience, weaving together love, codependency, narcissism, and the relentless, horrific need for validation. Discover the darker side of ordinary people. Grab your next must-read horror today!
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