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Murder Afloat by Ruby Riverton

Cozy Mysteries With a Twist of History! A husband’s dying wish. The trip of a lifetime. High seas and MURDER. A chance collision between two strangers on the docks of Titanic has Lottie Lindberg’s sleuthing instincts kicking in. Once aboard the luxurious ship, the avid crime novel reader can’t look away, and becomes embroiled even deeper in the mystery. Uncovering a web of nefarious lies, Lottie attempts to pick them apart. But when clues turn to murder, Lottie Lindberg, and her little white Westie companion, Dickens, find themselves in over their heads. Will Lottie and her dog be able to solve the whodunnit in time to expose the criminals, and save themselves? Or will it be too late for all involved as Titanic steams toward a deadly iceberg? Murder Afloat, Book 1 in The Lottie Lindberg Mystery Series, is a clean, lighthearted historical cozy mystery, with no graphic sex, gratuitous violence or strong language. It is a globe-trotting, British detective mystery, featuring amateur woman sleuth, Lottie Lindberg, and her white West Highland Terrier dog companion, Little Dickens. For lovers of amateur sleuth novels, full of intriguing twists and turns, vivid characters, despisable villains, a plucky, clever, charming protagonist, with a side of romance thrown in. It is highly suggested readers read this series in order...for clarity and fun! The Lottie Lindberg Historical Cozy Mystery Series Order: Murder Afloat ~ Book #1 Murder Aboard ~ Book # 2 Murder Afoot ~ Book # 3 Murder Aloft ~ Book # 4 Murder Abroad ~ Book # 5 Murder Abounds ~ Book # 6
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