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Murder at the Front by Lynn Morrison

When marrying at the front lines, there's always a chance that death will be a guest at the wedding. Le Touquet, France, 1918 - Lady Dorothy entered into a marriage of convenience with her eyes wide open. But even she never expected to go from newlywed to newly widowed overnight. When her husband is ambushed during a secret war mission, she's left with more questions than answers. How did the enemy know exactly where to find them? Why did only one man — Lord Rex — survive? Luck may have saved him once, but Rex knows he can't count on good fortune to solve the mystery of why his fellow soldier was gunned down. Injury may have sidelined him from battle. It won't stop him from ferreting out the truth. Dora's determination to prove her worth faces off against Rex's drive to avenge his fellow soldier. Only one of them is smart enough to unmask the traitor in their midst. The shocking reveal and subsequent fall-out will lead to a dramatic change in both of their lives. This twisty prequel takes place near the battlefields of World War I. It will be almost half a decade before Dora and Rex meet again in 1920s London's glittering ballrooms, for Murder, I Spy - book one in the Dora & Rex mysteries.
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