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Murder in Starry Cove by Lucinda Harrison

Nothing spoils a fresh start like cold-blooded murder. Poppy Lewis has left her past life behind—ex-husband, friends, a successful hotel business—to start anew in the charming northern California coastal village of Starry Cove. Will this be the new beginning she so desperately wants, or will the mysteries and secrets of this small town bring it all crashing down? After Poppy unexpectedly inherits her uncle’s Victorian mansion in Starry Cove, she makes grand plans to open a bed-and-breakfast. But when the local handyman winds up dead and the bodies start to pile up, Poppy’s recent arrival in the town raises eyebrows and sets tongues wagging. To make matters worse, she soon discovers the mansion has hidden secrets of its own that threaten her very safety. With the help of two faithful new friends, Poppy hatches a plan to track down the killer and clear her name. But can she nab the murderer before one of them becomes the next victim? If you are looking for an exciting new cozy mystery with quirky and endearing characters, then you will love Murder in Starry Cove, the first book in the Poppy Lewis Cozy Mystery series.
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