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Nine Seconds by Vincent deFilippo

Was the monstrous figure from Staten Island's past locked away, or is the true terror still walking free among them? Dive into the gripping pages of "Nine Seconds," a thriller that resurrects the terror of an old serial attacker on Staten Island. It’s a cold case. But a decade after being dismissed and gaslighted by the police and her own family, Davina Speers finds herself grappling with the haunting memories of her attack by the notorious New Cropsey. Her life, a turbulent journey through addiction, prostitution, and homelessness, takes a sharp turn when her childhood friend, Joy Sheridan, dies under mysterious circumstances labeled as suicide. Now clean, sober, and rebuilding her life as a martial arts instructor and college student, Davina's world is shattered by Joy's death and a string of chilling attacks echoing the past. Convinced that the original Rosebank Strangler was never caught, Davina embarks on a harrowing quest for justice. Her investigation lures her into the dark corridors of Staten Island's elite, where she uncovers a web of corruption involving the island's most influential figures - a banker, a politician, a police inspector, a fire commissioner, and more. As Davina delves deeper, she confronts a sinister plot that threatens to upend the lives of many, revealing secrets buried deep within the 'Forgotten Borough.' With each twist and turn, "Nine Seconds" keeps you on the edge of your seat, leading to a heart-pounding finale that will leave you breathless. Perfect for fans of psychological thrillers like "The Informationist" by Taylor Stevens, "The Late Show" by Michael Connelly, and "UNSUB" by Meg Gardiner, this novel is a must-read for those who love a story that skillfully intertwines suspense, mystery, and raw emotion. Will Davina untangle the web of lies and bring the true criminal to justice, or will the shadows of Staten Island's past consume her? Find out in "Nine Seconds," where every moment counts in a race against time and evil.
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