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A GIRL JUMPS TO HER DEATH. OR WAS SHE PUSHED? Things are tough for Brandy Francine Baker. Yes, she did manage to leave her abusive husband Jasper, but life as a single mother of two is no bed of roses. She can only afford to live in New York City’s dumpy housing projects, and she hates her job selling timeshares. An old lady in Brandy’s building approaches her, asking if she can look into her grandchild Luisa’s recent suicide. She believes Luisa was actually murdered. The lady heard through the grapevine that Brandy once worked as a criminal investigator before Jasper swept her off her feet and made her quit. She offers Brandy $10,000 for her efforts. Brandy accepts but worries she will just waste the lady’s savings. The NYPD deemed the fall a suicide. Why would she come up with anything else? It soon looks like the lady is right. To unravel the truth, Brandy must face her own demons as well as murderous thugs. And that's easier said than done.
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