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Noah’s Ark by Steve Pizzolato

The idea for this book came from a conversation I had with my daughter, who was going through IVF treatments. She had successfully created ten viable embryos and was soon pregnant. When the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade with the Dobbs v. Jackson decision there was some quiet talk in conservative legislative bodies that perhaps the disposition of unused IVF embryos would be treated the same way as an abortion. Criminal prosecution of the mother, the doctor, or the clinic. She asked me, concerned, “Do you think I could be charged with murder if I chose to donate my unused embryos for medical research?” This question is interesting and scary for all women, partners, and husbands. Noah’s Ark hopes to educate you and let your mind think about the possibilities of that happening. Synopsis STLPD Detective Rhonda Simon has been suspended from the police force while a past shooting is being investigated; however, the day before she is reinstated, Dr. Layla Brazini, a woman from her past, calls her desperately looking for her help in solving a crime committed at her IVF Clinic. While the crime seems open and shut, Detective Simon and her personal private investigator and lover, Richard Leary, uncover many more secrets and suspects, including a loner, Noah Sharpe, who can only relate to the apes that he feeds at the St. Louis Zoo; a mysterious online influencer who goes by Harvest and seeks upheaval in American society; a far-right aspiring politician Missouri Representative Billy O’Dell who will say anything to stay in power, and a far-left domestic terrorist, Marianne Hylany who takes everything personally, and who believes violence is the only ends to the means in this battle between left and right. Simon and Leary need to determine how these people intersect to stave off a local crime from becoming a national crisis, creating social chaos and violence among ordinary citizens on both sides of the pro-life vs. pro-choice debate. Noah’s Ark is the second book in the Perfect Match Series, where readers are first introduced to Detective Rhonda Simon and her ability to solve crimes that challenge society's norms about choice and upheaval of the status quo for financial gain and political power.
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