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Oblivion by Brandi Reeds

One year ago, authorities found sixteen-year-old Calliope Knowles shivering in an abandoned apartment, the walls covered with her red-inked script. She remembers nothing of that night. Her father, the reverend at the Church of the Holy Promise, has disappeared--along with Hannah Rynes, a young girl from his parish. Ever since, Callie has been plagued by graphomania--an uncontrollable compulsion to write. The words pound in her head, flow through her red-tipped pen and sprawl onto the pages of her notebooks, onto her jeans, over her flesh. They make no sense, yet they may be the key to her remembering that fated night. Her memories may be the only hope to saving Hannah. But some secrets are better left buried... A New York Public Library Best Book For Teens, Oblivion has been lauded as "Thoroughly compelling" (Kirkus). Previously published by Edgar-award nominee Sasha Dawn (BLINK, 2019), this second edition promises all the thrills and suspense readers of Brandi Reeds have come to expect and revere. Oblivion promises to be a gripping, explosive read.
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