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One Chance by Gabrielle Laine

I’m on the run and trapped with the son of a mob boss. I was an unwilling bystander to a mob hit and the victim’s brother forced me to take them to the hospital. Even held at gunpoint, I can’t deny that Leon is the embodiment of lethal allure. But his father, the head of the Machelli family, believes Leon killed his brother and wants us both dead. Now I am forced into hiding with him while he tracks the true killer. I don’t know if I can trust him, but I know I can’t resist him. When he looks at me his eyes burn with what I can only describe as….hunger. Beneath his ruthless façade there’s an unexpected tenderness, but he has secrets I should never know. Maybe this dangerous man can save me, in more ways than one, if we can stay alive long enough for justice to prevail.
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