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In the eye of the storm, secrets swirl and survival hangs by a thread. In "Sanibel Wind," the tenth electrifying chapter of the Will Harper Mystery Series, the serene life of Florida sleuth Will Harper and his girlfriend Luna is upended by a hurricane's ferocious arrival. Amidst this natural chaos, the story intertwines with the dark journey of Birdie and Rufus, two desperate souls from Georgia caught in their own storm of crime and survival. As Hurricane Ian's wrath transforms Sanibel Island from a paradise into a perilous trap, Will, Luna, and Captain Rick navigate treacherous waters, both literal and metaphorical, in a daring mission to aid the stranded and uncover hidden truths. This thrilling story, steeped in the grand tradition of marina-living PIs like John D. McDonald’s Travis McGee and Randy Wayne White’s Doc Ford, presents a rich tapestry of suspense, moral complexity, and resilience. Fans of classic Florida mysteries and new readers alike will find themselves captivated by Will Harper – a detective whose deep commitment to justice echoes the legendary figures of the genre. "Sanibel Wind" is more than a tale of a natural disaster; it's a gripping odyssey through the human spirit's capacity for courage in the face of overwhelming odds, where each turn of the page is as unpredictable and compelling as the storm itself.
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