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Seal of Secrets by William Cook

Hell hath no fury like a mother whose daughter has been kidnapped by a sexual predator. Chloe Denhurst lives in the quaint coastal town of Driftwood, Oregon. Recovering from a hurtful divorce, she finally allows herself to have feelings for another man. Suddenly, her life is turned upside down by a stranger who attacks her on the street and snatches her adolescent daughter Kaitlynn. She enlists the aid of Native American policeman Charley Whitehorse, but the wheels of justice turn too slowly. Chloe realizes she must use her own courage and wits to track down the marauder and rescue her daughter, but as she does so, she discovers that the new man in her life shares a terrible secret with the kidnapper. Seal of Secrets is a heart-pounding thriller described by one reader as "relentless in its suspense," and another as having "more twists than a corkscrew about to open a bottle of fine wine."
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