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Seeking Solace by M.L. Hamilton

Everleigh Beckett’s plans for Christmas are simple: forget her ex is getting married to another woman, keep her cat Roscoe in the lifestyle he’s accustomed to, and hunker down until all the Yuletide cheer is over. Hoping to forget the season, she agrees to work extra shifts in the Missing Persons Division, so her partner can spend time with his family. What Everleigh doesn’t realize is that one of the most infamous baby snatching cases of 1986 is about to land in her lap. Rachel Walters was just two days old when she disappeared from Heritage Hospital, but when Rachel’s mother Sarah receives a letter saying Rachel is still alive, Everleigh wants to give Sarah the closure she so deserves. Is this a diabolical scam to get an inheritance from a dying woman or has Everleigh just stumbled on her first Christmas miracle?
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