Her stalker’s message is deadly clear. She’s his. When Keira O’Ryan starts receiving photos of herself at business events, she assumes it’s just another office prank. Then the situation takes a menacing turn when the spotlight shifts to her personal life. As the photos pile up, Keira comes to a chilling realization—she has a stalker. Her faceless predator continues to evade the Montana police, and Keira’s fear grows. When she discovers cameras scattered throughout her home, she turns to her neighbor and Navy SEAL Cade Hartford for help. Together, they plunge headfirst into a treacherous game of cat and mouse, uncovering a darker danger lurking in the shadows. But how can they expose the sinister threat when their deadly adversary is always one step ahead? Embark on a fast-paced adventure filled with action and suspense with a slow burn romance and a dash of humor. Shadowed Obsession is the gripping first book in Mavery Ellscott’s Shadow Defense Security series.
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