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SINGULARITY by Kathryn Casey

"Wow! What a book! The character is incredibly well-developed. The pulse-pounding plot has thrilling twists and turns that make it impossible to put down. When I completed this book, I had to immediately buy the second in the series. An excellent read!" -Five-star Goodreads review. Profiler Sarah Armstrong knows what it’s like to be in a sticky situation. But when megawealthy businessman Edward Lucas III is found murdered along with his mistress, their bodies posed in grotesque ways, Sarah quickly senses that this will be the deadliest case of her career. While others focus on Lucas’s estranged wife, Sarah hunts a suspect only she believes in. Yet nothing in her career has prepared her for the horror of a young man who believes he has been sent from heaven to massacre innocent people. When Sarah picks up the killer’s elusive trail, the psychopath sets his sights on all she holds dear. Filled with pulse-pounding action, Singularity features a feisty, funny, and tough heroine and a truly creepy killer, as it races along to a chilling and unexpected climax.
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