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Smoke Over Tokyo by Matthew Legare

Tokyo, May 1932 Japan is still plagued by economic depression, scandals, and assassinations. A prominent politician mysteriously commits suicide while dining with Chizuru Okamura, the daughter of a yakuza crime family. Leading the investigation, Police Inspector Aizawa tasks his geisha spy, Reiko Watanabe, to go undercover into the world of the dreaded Okamura Gang. Reiko soon finds herself at the center of a power struggle between Chizuru and her brother, Lieutenant Katsuro Okamura, for control of the gang. Using bribery and deceit, Chizuru is poised to take over the government, while Katsuro seeks to launch a coup d’état and install a military dictatorship. As they try and thwart both schemes, Reiko and Inspector Aizawa must untangle a web of conspiracies involving the Army Secret Service, opium dens, corruption, Charlie Chaplin, and assassination, while all Japan hangs in the balance. Merging historical fact with fiction, Smoke Over Tokyo is the second installment of the Reiko Watanabe/Inspector Aizawa series. As they enter the dark underworld of 1932 Tokyo, filled with danger and intrigue, Reiko Watanabe and Inspector Aizawa soon find themselves fighting for their lives and the future of their city.
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