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Soft Case by John Misak

Read the book that launched the John Keegan Mystery Series! When New York City's most famous man dies suspiciously, Homicide Detective John Keegan must follow a trail of corruption that may just lead to the top of city government...and the end of his career. Ronald Mullins had it all... money, power, and a happy family. Suicide seemed an unlikely end for him. Partnered with Rick Calhill, a rising star in the NYPD, Keegan hesitates to investigate, knowing the case would attract more attention than he needed. Calhill would bask in the spotlight. Then they discover Mullins prepared a Senate run. The happy family myth later crumbles. Relations between Mullins and his business partner appear frayed. Calhill dives in while Keegan stays on the sidelines, wary of the political implications of the case. His instincts prove correct as he ends up in handcuffs, accused of taking a bribe he never received. The whole department turns on him. Calhill conveniently distances himself from the case. Suspended, threatened, and betrayed, Keegan must solve the case to save his career, with only a handful of people he has no choice but to trust. He learns hard truths about the people he respected most. In the end, he risks his job, and his life to solve the biggest case the city has seen in decades. DIve into the John Keegan Mystery series with this first chapter that will keep you at the edge of your seat until the very end.
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