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Squatter’s Rights by Cheril Thomas

Lies, betrayal, and at least one murder are buried beneath the dirt and debris of the once magnificent Delaney House. Grace Reagan's renovation of her family's crumbling Eastern Shore mansion uncovers a dark past that everyone involved would like to forget, but Grace has too much invested in the project to back out. Angry relatives insist she doesn't legally own the house, a squatter leaves her threatening messages, and her small construction team's work is vandalized. Grace fights through every obstacle, and each day brings her closer to unraveling the truth about her family, including her long-missing father. But as she delves deeper into the mystery, Grace realizes that someone will stop at nothing to keep the secrets hidden. Will she find her answers only to lose her life? SQUATTER'S RIGHTS is Book 1 in the gripping Eastern Shore Mysteries series.
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