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Storm Warning by Alan Savage

A thrilling adventure story set in World War II, and the first book in the Honourable Duncan Morant series. In August 1939, the Honourable Duncan Morant, only son and heir of the second Lord Eversham, is enjoying life as a man-about-town and skippering his racing schooner Kristin. But he is also a sub-lieutenant in the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, and as the war clouds gather, he is called up. Due to his experience in small boats and of navigating the English Channel, Morant is given command of one of the new torpedo boats. This is a disappointment − both because he had hoped for a place on a battleship, and because no one in the Navy seems to know exactly what these boats are to be used for. However, as the war takes a disastrous turn, the Channel becomes a battleground and Duncan and his crew, in their plywood hull, find themselves in the thick of hazardous operations … Christopher Nicole (who originally published this book under the pseudonym Alan Savage) is a British author who has written more than 200 novels and non-fiction works under his own name and several pseudonyms, including Leslie Arlen and Alison York.
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