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Studying Scarlet by Craig Stephen Copland

Studying Scarlet Garrotted. That’s what happened to the first three men she asked for help. Treason, murder, assassination, regicide. That’s what I encountered when I agreed to help Sherlock Holmes with this case. A magnificent, mature woman, a Southern goddess, desperately needs Sherlock Holmes’s help. She has to find her estranged husband. But she hasn’t seen or heard from him. Not since their last incredible weekend together … seventeen years ago. He has been involved in international struggles against murderous tyrants. That is all that is known about him. Now Holmes, Watson and his newest clients will have to find him … and save the British Empire. The game is afoot. Bombs and rekindled passion are ready to explode. This first New Sherlock Holmes Mystery is a tribute to A Study in Scarlet. If you enjoy historical thrillers, you will enjoy it. Click, download and enjoy.
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