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Tears of the Dragon by Ryan McGinnis

Can Xavier Greene Decode the Conspiracy In Time to Stop The Ultimate Bioweapon? A perilous global conspiracy draws Xavier Greene back into a clandestine world of betrayals and espionage. 'Tears of the Dragon,' a powerful new bioweapon, has been birthed in an underground lab buried deep beneath the Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua. With plans to transport it to the United States, a faction of extremists intend to unleash death and chaos upon millions. Xavier finds himself thrust into a desperate race to decode the conspiracy and intercept the virus before unimaginable horrors unfold. His mission takes a turn when he encounters F.B.I. Agent Bill "Wild Bill" Logan. He is a maverick renowned for his unorthodox methods and impressive case-solving track record. When Logan and his partner, Stacy Martinez, become intertwined in Xavier's tumultuous world, they risk their careers and lives. As all three grapple with an international conspiracy involving shadowy multinational corporations, loyalties are tested, and the body count rises. Will Xavier be able to halt 'Tears of the Dragon' in its tracks, or will he be too late to save mankind from its doom?
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