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The Adair Murders by Anna Elliott

The Aristocratic Adairs meet a grim fate on their own estate. Can Sherlock and Lucy clear a grandchild's name? At an ancient British manor, tragedy strikes the Adair lineage, leaving Sherlock Holmes and Lucy James to sift through the aftermath. With the heir apparent in the crosshairs of suspicion, the stakes are as personal as they are perplexing. As the mystery unfurls like fog over London, Holmes, Lucy, Becky, and Flynn find themselves amid a labyrinth of hidden motives and whispered scandals. In a house where every portrait could hide a clue, can our Baker Street ensemble stitch together the truth from the tapestry of lies? READERS ACCLAIM: "Twists, turns, and startling revelations make for a Sherlockian spectacle!" "Becky and Flynn step up, indispensable in a plot packed with surprises." This series combines the allure of traditional sleuthing with modern narrative twists, featuring charming, atmospheric settings, quirky characters, and clever, fast-paced, page-turning plots. If you're a fan of Conan Doyle's intrigue, Agatha Christie's web of motives, and the narrative drive of Lee Child, "The Adair Murders" is your next case. It's a Victorian whodunit with a modern twist, perfect for those who love their mysteries with a side of aristocratic intrigue. Ready to crack the case of "The Adair Murders"? Don your detective cap and step into a world where family secrets cast long shadows. Scroll up and One-click now! HISTORICAL FICTION, MYSTERY, LITERATURE, SECRETS, DETECTIVE, INVESTIGATION, HISTORICAL SETTING, SUSPENSE, MURDER, CRIME, HIDDEN, INTRIGUE, THRILLER, CLUES, WHODUNIT, HISTORICAL FICTION MYSTERY, HISTORICAL MYSTERY FICTION, COZY MYSTERIES
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