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The Adventure of Homo Creepius Maximus by Craig Stephen Copland

Schools for rich girls attract creepy men. Two hundred girls from wealthy families boarded at St. Elizabeth’s College for Girls in Oxford. On 23 October, 1903, Miss Edlyn Ferenci, an upper sixth form student, returned to her room in the senior dormitory after the Vespers Service. As she was preparing for bed, she looked out her window. Perched in the large oak tree and looking directly at her was a man, a very vile looking man. He was almost naked and grinning. She pulled down the blind and ran to the room of her closest friend. A fortnight later, Miss Edlyn lay dead at the base of the tree. The Headmistress said it was a tragic accident. She had fallen from the tree whilst sneaking out for the night to meet some boys from the university. The police and the press agreed. Her best friend knew better. She slipped out of the school, traveled to London in disguise, and called on Sherlock Holmes. This mystery is a sequel to the original Sherlock Holmes story, The Adventure of the Creeping Man. Want to know what happened to the Serum of the Anthropoid after Sherlock Holmes solved that case?
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