Nothing is what it seems when the owner of a prestigious art gallery in Manhattan hires private investigator Joshua Oates in 1921 New York City. A mysterious figure is behind the scenes, threatening the owner if he does not agree to display a group of crude drawings in his art gallery. When the manager is suddenly murdered, Oates becomes the prime suspect for a relentless police detective who thinks he is the killer. While searching for clues, Oates meets a daring ex-art thief now working for Scotland Yard. She enlists his help to stop an international band of art thieves who sell stolen works of art to New York City's gentry. A change in leadership at the 35th police precinct also creates relationship problems for NYPD detective Angie Lang and Joshua Oates. With help from Albert Einstein, and Bat Masterson, Oates must stop a dangerous and clever adversary..
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