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The Assassin’s Wife by Roger Weston

Betrayed and forced to fight "If you like thrillers, espionage, and mystery along with a healthy dose of wild country, grab this book and be prepared to be unable to put it down." "A Jennifer Garner Role? Fast paced adventure, lots of plain killing but no stretched out gory details. Good beach read and I liked." Looking for a fun Mystery, Thriller & Suspense read? Give The Assassin's Wife a try... Drama Professor Meg Coles is in a state of shock after her husband is terminated and she barely escapes the killers. Now she is on the run, on the F.B.I.'s most wanted list, and a fugitive of the law and of government assassins. She learns that she knows very little about the man she's been married to for ten years. She must become a criminal to survive and to find out the truth, and she must get answers before the death teams silence her permanently. "Very interesting and fascinating story. Good fast page turner and hard to put down when it's time to sleep. Am looking forward to reading the next few stories." "I enjoyed the ability of the woman to out guess the bad guy's. It kept me interested all the way through." I loved this book. It grabbed me from the first moment and kept my gripped all the way through. Just when you thought you figured it out, there you'd go again! It was action packed. Meg is a great lead in the book and managed to survive against all odds. Don't miss this book! The ending will make you want more!" "I really enjoyed the action and the author trying to get inside a woman's head. I am married and still don't understand some of the feminine ways, but Mr. Weston kept me reading until the wee hours of the morning. I will read more by him. The action is superb." "Very exciting. Good story line. Well written. Action all the way. Good characters. Hard to put down. I commend the author for his imagination."" Plenty of fast paced action. Some excellent detail on make up and evading pursuit." "Roger Weston is an author you should get to know! Written to keep you on edge and held to the story. Hard to put down and do anything else. Makes you feel like you are with the people in the story!" "I really enjoyed reading this book. I found it difficult to put it down for a moment. I will read the author's book again." The Assassin's Wife: A Meg Coles Action Fiction Thriller For fans of fun Mystery, Thriller & Suspense novels.270 pages Available on Kindle Unlimited Also by Roger Weston:The Sniper (Prologue to The Brandt Series) The Recruiter: A Chuck Brandt Thriller (The Brandt Series Book 1) The Handler: A Chuck Brandt Thriller (The Brandt Series Book 2) Rogue Op: A Chuck Brandt Thriller (The Brandt Series Book 3) Rogue Op II: A Chuck Brandt Thriller (The Brandt Series Book 4) American Op: A Chuck Brandt Thriller (The Brandt Series Book 5) Global Tilt: A Chuck Brandt Thriller (The Brandt Series Book 6) Vulcan Eye: A Chuck Brandt Thriller (The Brandt Series Book 7) The Shadow Lawyer: A Chuck Brandt Thriller (The Brandt Series Book 8
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