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The Bartender by Brian O'Sullivan

"The Bartender is a delicious blend of romance and thriller that goes down smoothly!" ~ Kirkus Reviews "The Bartender is one of my favorite con artists books of the year, if not the decade." ~ review ★ Olive is a gorgeous Los Angeles bartender. On a random Monday, one of the best-looking men she's ever seen walks into her bar. And she's immediately smitten. ★ Austin is tall and charismatic, but he's not after Olive for her beauty. He and his childhood friend have set a depraved plan in motion. ★ Becca is a grifter and con-artist looking for her one big score. She’s discovered that Olive’s boss has hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash at his Pacific Palisades home. And Becca will stop at nothing to get it. Even murder. The Bartender is a twisting, multi-narrative thriller in the vein of Gone Girl. Only better.
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