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Ellie Tappet’s retirement plans were put on hold when her beloved husband Ronnie passed away. Two years later, with her children grown and the rest of her life ahead of her, she’s ready to have the adventure she’d planned before her life was turned upside-down. It's time to take her very first cruise! When she comes aboard the SV Adventurous Spirit, Ellie’s surprised to be assigned a cabin inside the cruise line’s singles club at sea, but she can tell her fellow travelers could use some advice. Unfortunately, her matchmaking efforts are interrupted when a passenger finds a finger with a big diamond ring on it in her Sangria Surprise! Guests are scandalized and tongues are wagging all around the ship. The ship's security chief seems eager to brush the crime under the rug while others point fingers at Ellie’s favorite bartender. After thirty years married to a small town police chief, Ellie’s picked up some sleuthing skills of her own, and she knows justice demands honest answers to the questions rocking the ship. Who does the finger belong to? How did it end up in the boozy drink special of the day? And what other shocking secrets lurk beneath the Caribbean sun? It’s all hands on deck for a cozy mystery adventure with this matchmaking sleuth! Ellie Tappet doesn’t know when to quit, even when her persistence gets her into a boatload of trouble
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