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The Cedar Savages by Bill Friedrich

LIFE WAS GOOD Business is booming for successful wildlife photographer Jeff Koehler in the sleepy bedroom community of Granite Cove in Northern Michigan. His beloved Roads End hunting camp is thriving, and even his budding relationship with Dr. Carrie Cunningham seems on the right track. Finally, life is terrific after confronting the demons and turmoil from his past. UNTIL IT WASN'T A heinous murder rocks Granite Cove when one of its most respected citizens is found dead in the forest. The body is discovered in an ominous place called Masterson Forest, an area even the police avoid. Events quickly spin out of control, and Jeff becomes the prime suspect in the murder. Worse yet, he can't refute or explain the evidence against him and faces life in prison unless he can solve the case. Just as Jeff's fate seems sealed, new facts emerge, highlighting multiple hidden layers to this complex crime. Nothing is what it seems, and mind-boggling deception is uncovered. Will Jeff be vindicated? Time is of the essence, and Jeff is racing to discover the truth before it's too late. BUT IT MAY ALREADY BE TOO LATE! Read less
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