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She thought they were happy… until death did they part. Can she figure out how to get justice and an unexpected shot at forever? Laurel Palmer can’t believe her dead eyes. Waking up to find her body at the bottom of the stairs, the newly-minted ghost is confused to see her husband rummaging through her stuff in a panic. And the amateur apparition doesn’t understand why he’s talking to her assistant and not calling 911. As Laurel realizes that she’s stuck on Earth with the bright light she’s always heard about nowhere in sight, the stressed-out ghost keeps running into a man also murdered by her not-so-better half. And when they team up to solve why he killed them both, she wonders if eternity means a second chance at love… Thanks to a little shove by her husband, Laurel wakes up dead. And there’s no sign of that white light people are supposed to go into. Now a ghost stuck on earth, Laurel is determined to find out how she can get into heaven. On her search for the light, Laurel meets Teddy Rule, a hunk of a ghost who coincidentally was also murdered by her husband. Turns out, he didn’t get that light either. Can this phantom investigator get her guy? Buy The Continuing Adventures of Laurel Palmer to see how it ends today!
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