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The Gemini Connection by Julie Hamstead

This intriguing thriller follows the intertwining lives of Evie Longshaw, a talented young doctor, and MI5 operatives Jackson Bridges and Harry Rivers. When Evie unexpectedly becomes the recipient of coded messages from a suspected terrorist hotspot, it leads the three of them on a perilous chase across Europe. Amidst the danger the trio form an unlikely bond whilst, back in London, cantankerous MI5 boss Stanners finds himself dealing with problems closer to home. When the identity of the message sender is finally revealed, a complex web of betrayal and deception begins to unravel around them. Loyalties are pushed to their limits as they all must confront the ultimate decision: when the distinction between friend and foe blurs, how much are they willing to sacrifice to protect one another and ensure the safety of their loved ones?
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