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The Getaway by Marnie Vinge

15 years ago, on a mountain road, a fully restored blue and white ‘66 Shelby Mustang carrying 2 high school seniors crashed at high speed into a 250 year-old redwood. One of them miraculously survived. Nancy Grove, a journalist, has made every effort to move on with her life. In the summer of 2005, her name splashed across every local newspaper’s front page. Not just because she survived the car wreck and her best friend didn’t, but because Nancy has no memory of anything that happened that night after a certain point. She doesn’t know why Mel was driving over 75 miles per hour down a twisting mountain road, surrounded by massive redwood trees. She doesn’t know why they were in her friend Danny’s dad’s Mustang. She doesn’t know what prompted them to leave the party. In 2021, her father dies unexpectedly in San Francisco and Nancy goes home for the funeral. She promises herself it will be a quick trip. But when her flight home is canceled and a handwritten invitation shows up at her hotel room, the journalist in Nancy feels compelled to investigate. Arriving at the luxurious cabin in the woods, Nancy finds her 2 friends who were there that fateful night at the party. Danny owns the cabin now, and he’s invited Nancy and Jack to celebrate their 15 year reunion as only they can, by being forced to explore memories of that fateful night and what their relationships still mean to each other. And then a surprise guest arrives. Someone else who was there that night. Just as they’re getting settled in, a storm hits, stranding them in the woods. In the familiar surroundings, memories begin to come back to Nancy, and she’s forced to grapple with what really happened that night. And why Mel wanted out of that cabin so badly.
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