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The Heaven Spot by Mary Frances Hill

The Heaven Spot is a modern-day mystery set in Palm Beach, Florida, that depicts opioid addict Maggie Robert’s desperate attempt to come to terms with her estranged daughter, Lilly’s, murder. Believing that she failed Lilly in life, Maggie vows to do right by Lilly in death by finding her killer and by learning about the woman Lilly became. But as Maggie immerses herself in Lilly’s glitzy tropical world, memories from a drug-hazy road trip surface and the truth unfolds in the form of an artsy treasure hunt game created by Lilly. Maggie fears she stabbed her own daughter. The Heaven Spot is a story about guilt, self-doubt, and the strength and complexity of a mother-daughter relationship fractured by addiction. Part mystery, part thriller, part family drama, this novel gives readers a voyeuristic peek into the mind of a grieving mother who wishes she could hit the reset button and beg her living, breathing daughter for forgiveness.
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