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The Horoscope Writer by Ash Bishop

From Audie Award-winning author Ash Bishop “Readers will be eager to see what Bishop does next.” —Publishers Weekly “. . . filled with realistic scenarios and satisfying twists.” —Midwest Book Review Leo: You’ll step out the door, prepared for a normal day. But you’ll never reach your workplace. You will vanish, without a trace. Who is The Horoscope Writer? It’s not Bobby Frindley. He’s an ex-Olympic athlete who has fast-talked his way into an entry-level position at a dying newspaper. He’s supposed to be writing horoscopes, but someone has been doing it for him . . . On his first night on the job, Bobby receives an email with twelve gruesome, highly-detailed horoscopes, along with a chilling ultimatum: print them and one will come true, or ignore them and they all will. Working with a skeptical co-worker, Bobby investigates the horoscope writer’s true identity, but the closer he gets to the truth, the more the predictions begin to be about him. Has he attracted the attention of a cruel puppeteer? Or is it possible that, like any good horoscope, it’s all in his head? For readers who enjoy The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, Deal Breaker by Harlan Corben, or Therapy by Jonathan Kellerman.
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