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The Lake by Chandler McGrew

The Point has been through hell before... Chief of Police Cat Williams has spent most of his life suppressing the Beast within, a force that has both defined and haunted him. His beloved wife, Sue, insists that their story must be told—a story Cat dreads revisiting. Twice, darkness has enveloped Cat, Sue, their best friend, and a man they had deemed irredeemable, changing them and the town of Grover's Point, Maine, in unimaginable ways. Cat's tale is a harrowing journey through terror, grief, love, madness, and redemption. It's a chronicle of a misspent youth and violence that nearly destroyed him and the woman who traversed a universe to save him. Together, they found salvation and saved each other. This is a story that transcends the boundaries of the human experience, exploring places few dare to imagine.
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