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In the city where he lost everything, he'll stop at nothing to learn the truth. Former NYPD detective Thomas Austin has spent three long years haunted by his wife Fiona's unsolved murder. Three years searching for answers. Three years finding little. Until one lead changes everything. Back in New York City, Austin picks up the scent of a far-reaching conspiracy involving rogue elements of the FBI, the NYPD, and ruthless Southeast Asian and Colombian drug cartels. Each new clue paints a more sinister picture, suggesting Fiona was caught in something bigger than Austin ever imagined. Something powerful enough to silence her forever. To get justice, Austin must plunge deeper into the corrupt underworld where she spent her final days. A world where the truth comes at a deadly price. A price Austin may not be willing to pay. Can Austin overcome the nightmares haunting Brooklyn's Manhattan Beach? And if he finally learns the truth, will it bring him the peace he's been yearning for, or shatter everything he thought he knew about himself, his city, and the woman he still loves. Series List (can be read in any order): Book 1: The Bones at Point No Point Book 2: The Shadows of Pike Place Book 3: The Fallen of Foulweather Bluff Book 4: The Horror at Murden Cove Book 5: The Terror in the Emerald City Book 6: The Drowning at Dyes Inlet Book 7: The Nightmare at Manhattan Beach Book 8: The Silence at Mystery Bay Book 9: The Darkness at Deception Pass (Available June 18, 2024) Book 10: The Vanishing at Opal Creek (Available fall 2024)
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