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The Road to Lavender by Donald Benjamin

Anne Scriptor, a dedicated young student of archaeology, finds herself at the center of a deadly treasure hunt. Assigned by her university professor to cache a dozen nondescript toolboxes in remote Colorado locations, she's unaware one box contains a priceless artifact which dangerous buyers have offered millions to possess. Half-way through her assignment she reaches the village of Lavender where mysterious strangers begin following her until they die in unexplained explosions. Alone and confused, she seeks help from Trinidad Sands, a handsome stranger who owns the large lavender farm which is the source of the village's name. But she catches Trinidad in a lie and grows to distrust him. So she's on her own when a dangerous Russian mob, an unscrupulous German detective, and a renegade Saudi prince come looking for the treasure. It will take all of Anne's courage and cunning to survive.
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