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The Strangled Servant by E.L. Johnson

He believes in her innocence, but could he be falling for a killer? Welcome to book 1 in the exciting new series The Perfect Poison Murders from bestselling author E.L. Johnson! 1806 Hertfordshire - The worst held secret in town is that shy Poppy Morton has been in love with Tom since they were children. Unfortunately, Tom has long been in love with Mary, Poppy’s vivacious best friend. When Tom proposes marriage to Mary, it breaks Poppy’s heart, But when Mary demands Poppy break his heart in return by refusing his offer for her, Poppy refuses. She won’t destroy Tom’s hopes and ruin their friendship, even if it means losing her own heart in the process. But Mary won’t take no for an answer, and when the best friends have the fight to end all fights, Poppy ends it by shoving Mary through a glass door. Shocked, heartbroken, and humiliated, Poppy flees. But the next day a handsome constable, Henry Dyngley, shows up at her door. A carriage has overturned on the road and a young woman’s body has been found. Poppy is the only suspect. Will Poppy be able to prove her innocence? Or will she lose her heart again as she and Dyngley search for a killer? Read free in Kindle Unlimited! The Perfect Poison Murders The Strangled Servant The Poisoned Clergyman The Mistress Murders The Deadly Debutante
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