The Summer Girls by Marissa Finch

Some girls don’t get to grow up… Six years ago, Maggie Shiner endured the unthinkable when she was abducted and tortured. But her ordeal only worsened after she escaped — because no one believed her. Written off as a troubled teenager with a penchant for drama, Maggie’s been unable to heal from the trauma she underwent. In the years since, she’s hidden herself away on a rural homestead, with only her beloved chickens for company. That is, until an unexpected visitor threatens her fragile sanctuary. Journalist Eva Kurtz arrives with a chilling proposition: an interview for a true crime podcast about a potential serial abductor. She believes Maggie’s story, she says, and more than that — she believes Maggie’s abductor is responsible for the disappearances of eleven other young women. At first, Maggie wants nothing to do with Eva or her podcast. But when another girl goes missing, she reluctantly agrees to help investigate. Together they begin to unravel a twisted web of deception and danger that reaches into the darkest corners of Maggie’s own past. As time runs out, Maggie and Eva will have to put everything on the line to catch a killer. But will finally revealing the shocking truth be enough for Maggie? Or does redemption demand a higher price? A gripping and emotionally charged thriller, The Summer Girls will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page.
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