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The Victim Killer by Simon King

A brutal killer. A helpless victim. This girl is both. Sam always knew she was different. Her morbid fascination with death has kept her isolated from the world, shut away by a father aware of the monster inside her. A direct descendent of one of the most notorious serial killers of the century, Sam harbors the kind of fury that craves blood. With her father’s navy-seal training, Sam is taught the mental strength to control an evil threatening her very existence. Now armed with a skill-set to kill and a thirst for blood, this girl is about to unload her wrath on an unsuspecting world. After being recruited into a top-secret organization tasked with hunting active serial killers, Sam is finally given the green light to unleash the monster inside her, onto those who prey on the innocent. Will this hunter control her bloodlust and silence those she’s sent to kill, or will her own demons finally find the freedom to unleash their own kind of terror? The Victim Killer is the first book in the Sam Rader thriller series. If you like Jack Reacher action paired with the darkness of Hannibal Lecter, then prepare for a thrill ride into a serial killer’s worst nightmare. Buy The Victim Killer and discover this new thriller sensation today.
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