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The Winterstone Murder by Paul Austin Ardoin

This book was originally published under the title Ceremony in August 2021. ----------------- Dr. Kep Woodhead is a brilliant, irascible forensic toxicologist with a dark past. Bernadette Becker is a disgraced federal investigator with one last chance. They're both assigned to a strange poisoning case: a graduate student has been found dead in a 15th-century chapel, overdosed on a controversial hallucinogen. The list of suspects is long: the priest, the professor, the piscary president, the protestor, the protégé, and at least one wants to silence Becker. Do Becker and Woodhead have a prayer of discovering the truth before the killer strikes again? A gripping new series from the author of the bestselling Fenway Stevenson Mysteries. Read it today!
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