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Treasure in Exile by S.W. Hubbard

A reclusive heiress…a loyal servant…a mansion frozen in time. After her husband’s plane goes down in a WWII battle, a poor nurse becomes the wealthiest widow in town. And she never leaves her mansion for 70 years. When estate sale organizer Audrey Nealon enters the Tate Mansion after the widow’s death, she discovers nothing’s been changed since the day the house was built. Why did the heiress and her maid eat canned soup and read used paperbacks surrounded by magnificent art and antiques? Why were the house and its contents bequeathed to a small local charity? Audrey’s idle curiosity soon turns into a desperate need to know. Because someone wants to profit from the Tate Mansion’s secrets. And if others have to die to make that happen, so be it. Can Audrey outwit a wily con man? Or is she is too smart to live? Tired of predictable mysteries that you have figured out long before the end? Rejoice! Here is a mystery with a strong female protagonist and plenty of plot twists to keep you challenged. The characters you love--amateur sleuth Audrey, Ty, Sean, and Ethel the shelter dog--are back in another adventure full of antiques, family secrets, and murder. Download now and read all night! Also available as an audiobook.
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