BOAT OMENS…A SECRET WILL…MOUNTAIN HIDEAWAYS…get ready to uncover the deep mysteries of Twisted Fate! Robin Ingals is living the dream. Her business, Majestic Mountain Vacation Rentals, was recently featured on a well-known travel website. New friendships have blossomed in her life, and her bond with the charming Lee Kellerman deepens and grows. But, during a ferry ride to watch Fourth of July fireworks, her friend Bailey Ward consumes poison and dies. A typed note listing boating omens was crumpled in her fist, indicating premeditated murder. With Bailey’s boss’s name on the note, the case appears to be a slam dunk, and the sheriff arrests him. However, her friend had recently inherited a substantial sum of money, and no one except Robin, Lee, and Bailey’s overemotional Aunt Myrna were aware of the secret will. Suspicion creeps in, and Robin can’t shake the thought that the aunt may have a hand in the crime. Fueled by her unwavering resolve, Robin ignores her own safety and dives into a quest for the truth. Will she unravel the mystery, or will someone get away with murder and millions of dollars?
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