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Vibrations in the Field by Daniel Burke

Good men take the Hippocratic oath, and evil ones break it. Sweet Jane learned that firsthand. Young, beautiful, and brilliant, Jane Carter was on the verge of achieving her PhD in quantum physics when they first appeared, visitors from other universes that no one else could see. Desperate to hold on to her dreams, she turned to a psychiatrist whose controversial treatment promised to rid her of the hallucinations and restore her sanity. All she had to do was trust in his oath and submit to his deep hypnosis, but Dr. Barry Lieberman was not someone to trust. The trauma of their sessions caused a split in her personality, and when he could not undo what he'd done, he had her committed to a mental hospital-forever, he thought. But Jane got better, and she met Joe, a combat veteran recovering from PTSD and on a shaky road to priesthood, who feels compelled to help her. Now, she is on a quest for justice, and her former doctor will use his darkest psychology and cruelty to stop her.