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Why kill the fittest old folks? That’s the first question late-blooming amateur sleuths and retirees Charlie North and Ben Tucker need to answer. Here’s Question #2. Are Charlie and Ben prime targets to be killed? The answer is yes, of course. And here’s Question #3. Would a Cougar be interested in a 70ish-year-old guy? It seems like a totally outrageous question when we’re talking murder, but SPOILER ALERT, the answer is yes.) Charlie and Ben team up again with the stunning P.I. Reggie Parker, the daughter of a retired LAPD buddy. Their job? Stop the murders at the most wildly upscale—and mysterious—retirement village, Elysian Meadowlands. The retirees in the village are far more vibrant than their ages would allow. Some are alluring Cougars. Some are way more sinister than Charley and Ben would like. The murders continue, and it looks like there’s more coming. Catching the killer will keep you guessing to the end, and then you’ll wonder about the secrets of Elysian Meadowlands long after you’ve finished the book. If you’re of age, you’ll love this story because the author is a real-life old guy who certainly knows the aches of being old but also the joy and the humor of it all. This is a fast read. Old guys like things fast. WARNING: Don’t buy this book if you feel uncomfortable laughing out loud every so often. If you’re looking for a gritty crime thriller, this is NOT that type of book. Seriously, laughing is good. Get it now. What readers say ***** “I so enjoy these characters, they are smart, funny and they take a murder mystery to a new level. I really enjoy the way this writer writes, there is wisdom there.” ***** “The characters are guys you’d want to be friends with.” ***** “I’m in love with one of the old guys. I’m not telling which.” This is the second in the series of Old Guys Murder Mystery series.
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