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Abby Kane FBI Thrillers 1-6 by Ty Hutchinson

Date: 09/18/2023
ABBY KANE FBI THRILLERS (Books 1-6) Meet the agent with an impossible directive: solve the FBI's most baffling cases. Abby Kane spent her early career putting sickos, psychopaths, and ruthless killers behind bars. After her...
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Date: 08/28/2023
When an EMP attack shatters the world as we know it, courage, family, and sacrifice become the only beacon of hope.
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Date: 08/12/2023
A mysterious man with a strange background, unique abilities, and a dangerous grudge. Three strangers, each of whom has lost a loved one through a series of brutal murders. One eccentric woman whose knowledge and...
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The Lady Justice Trilogy by Robert Thornhill

Date: 06/16/2023
Lady Justice Takes a C.R.A.P., Lady Justice and the Lost Tapes & Lady Justice Gets Lei'd, volumes 1,2 & 3 in the 45 volume Lady Justice mystery/comedy series, featuring Walt Williams, the sixty-five year-old retiree...
Date: 05/29/2023
EVERYONE WANTS A “NEW WORLD ORDER”, BUT WHO GETS TO SAY WHAT IT WILL BE? Papyrologist Lisa Emmer’s world flips when esteemed Paris historian Dr. Raimond Foix, her friend and mentor in the study of...
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Date: 05/19/2023
The 1st seven books in the Joey Mancuso, Father O'Brian Detective Crime Mystery series. Outstanding offering! Former NYPD Detective Joey Mancuso and Father Dominic O’Brian! Known as The Last Advocates of the Victim, these two brothers...

Falling Empires by James Rosone

Date: 03/16/2023
In back rooms around the world……powerful people gather.Will they decide the next U.S. election?From the first page, the intrigue unfurls into a web of strategy, ideology, and tactics which will be played out on a...
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Gabrielle by Sarah Henley

Date: 11/11/2022
★★★★★ “One of the best Trans Romance/Thriller series this year.”Gabrielle has agreed to fight George Rainer, resurrected by Death, on top of the Empire State Building. With Lynda, her wife, and their armed bodyguards, the multi...
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Wine Valley Mystery Books 1-4 by Sandra Woffington

Date: 09/12/2022
Wine Valley Mystery Series pairs just the right wine with just the right murder!Sandra Woffington is a USA Today and Amazon bestselling author.BURGUNDY AND BODIES, Book 1The cuts nobody sees bleed a person to death.If...