Breathe for Me by Donna B Comeaux

Robert Aaron Jaeger no longer has the emotional fight to outlast his grief. Less than a month ago, his wife and four-year-old daughter were in a terrible accident on the downtown streets of Seattle. The four-year-old came away with scratches. His wife, Christina, succumbed to her injuries. Under the disguise of rafting through the Glenwood Canyon, Robert sets out to kill himself, but his plan is thwarted when he stumbles upon a woman standing in freezing water aiming to do the same thing. Lilly Radford has been riddled with guilt since the day her baby died and there’s not been a day she hasn’t beat herself up about it. She finally snaps, takes her rent money, and uses it to keep her tank filled until the money runs out. With her car running on fumes, she’s forced to exit off I-70 in Glenwood Springs at the Grizzly Creek Rest Stop where she gives up and falls in the river. Zachary Butler has dissociative identity disorder, and he converses with the good side of himself to collaborate on a scheme for revenge. To complicate his chaotic existence, his wife, Ethel, is a constant threat to his plan. As danger looms, will Robert and Lilly be driven farther apart? Or will a madman’s scheme force them to let down their guard so they can see the beauty beyond their pain? Anger. Madness. Darkness. Murder. Obsession. Ambition. How will it all end?
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