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The 1st seven books in the Joey Mancuso, Father O'Brian Detective Crime Mystery series. Outstanding offering! 

Former NYPD Detective Joey Mancuso and Father Dominic O’Brian! Known as The Last Advocates of the Victim, these two brothers are a force to be

reckon with when it comes to solving the toughest cases in New York City.

Based out of Captain O’Brian’s Irish Pub and Cigar Bar, located in the heart of the bustling Financial District, these two bring a unique combination of skills and

expertise to every case. With Mancuso's years of experience as a detective and Father O’Brian's deep understanding of human nature and the human condition,

they make the perfect team to take on any challenge.

Whether it's tracking down a missing person, investigating a suspicious death, or unraveling a complex conspiracy, Mancuso and O’Brian are up to the task. With their dedication to seeking justice for the victim, they are the last line of defense for those who have been wronged.

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