EVERYONE WANTS A “NEW WORLD ORDER”, BUT WHO GETS TO SAY WHAT IT WILL BE? Papyrologist Lisa Emmer’s world flips when esteemed Paris historian Dr. Raimond Foix, her friend and mentor in the study of ancient documents, is savagely murdered. Horrified, Lisa finds clues at the crime scene left behind for her by her mentor—clues to secrets kept hidden for centuries, one of which is Lisa’s own identity, secret even from her. Since she was a child Lisa has suffered from uncontrollable fugue states. Now she discovers that what she always thought was a liability may in fact be an almost paranormal ability to see things in ways others cannot. Now she’s the modern-day Delphic Oracle, head of a secret organization, the Delphi Agenda, whose purpose is to protect the world from rogue conspiracies within the Church. Who will like it: Fans of intrepid women sleuths will love Lisa, as well as anyone smitten with the romance of the ancient world, and action-adventure in historical fiction and thriller conspiracies, (especially those involving the Catholic church, like The DaVinci Code). A must-read for fans of Steve Berry, Dan Brown and Raymond Khoury! Vol. 1: THE DELPHI AGENDA THE INQUISITION IS BACK! AND THIS TIME THEY HAVE TECHNOLOGY. With Lisa’s friend and mentor, Raimond Foix, brutally murdered, Lisa is not only a prime suspect in the murder investigation, but also smack-dab in the cross-hairs of a deadly commando group that proves to be none other than a contemporary offshoot of the Inquisition. They want an ancient document that reveals a secret so explosive it could change the world—a document they’ve been tracking for centuries. Desperate to clear her name and to stay alive, Lisa must uncover the millennia-old secret before her adversaries can find and destroy it. Accompanied by a very mysterious – and handsome – banker who turns up to assist, the trail leads her everywhere from ancient cemeteries and tombs throughout France to Istanbul and Greece. Vol. 2: TABLET OF DESTINIES JOB DESCRIPTION: DELPHIC ORACLE, CURRENTLY SERVING. TO-DOS: STOP APOCALYPSE. ASAP! A clay tablet turns up, containing a prophecy of demons, a snake goddess, and the birth of a “disruptive” miraculous child. A prophecy so dangerous the tablet was smashed to bits, and the shards scattered to all the cities of the ancient world to prevent reassembling, until a Jesuit scholar's vision sets the prophecy in motion in Paris, where the pieces have lain for centuries, half a world and three millennia away from their source – yet very close to the current home of Lisa Emmer. Now, in a suspenseful race against an alignment of planets and comets that signals the "wondrous child's" impending birth, Lisa speeds to find and protect the mother and child and to prevent a devastating “disruption”. Vol. 3: THE PROPHECY GENE EVERYONE WANTS A PIECE OF HIM…HE HAS A MILLION VIDEO FOLLOWERS AND HE’S ONLY SIX YEARS OLD To his mom, he’s just sweet Félix, a very special six-year-old. To his million yo
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